About Our School


This School was established in 1966 as Hindu Mariamman Elementary School. Behind the move to establish this school is an episode which makes an interesting reading. In those days almost all the Educational Institutions - from Elementary to College level - in the then Tirunelveli District, out of which the present Thoothukudi District was carved out in 1987, were under the vice-like grip of the Minority Catholic/Protestant Christians. Sathankulam, though then a Major Panchayat with a population of nearly 10,000, more than 70% of whom were Hindus, was no exception. They had no other options but to send their wards to those Schools run by the Minority Christians. No one thought seriously about establishing a school exclusively for the Hindus until the year 1966.

It was in the year 1965, during the Car Procession taken out in connection with the local Sri Mariamman Temple Annual Festival, the Procession was stopped near the Church located in the heart of the Town and it was not allowed to proceed further until the intervention of the top Police Officers. This infuriated the hitherto ignorant, docile and submissive Hindus of Sathankulam, who clamoured for establishing a school of their own as retaliation to the fanaticism of the minority Christians. Thus came into being the Hindu Mariamman Elementary School in June, 1966.

Prominent people like P. Muthaiah Nadar, P.S. Selva Ganapathy Nadar, G. Kasi Viswanathan Nadar, V.S.Kasi Nadar, S.V.Subbaiah Nadar, A.Sudalaimani Nadar, K. Rathnasamy Nadar and many others under the dynamic and illustrious leadership of K.Senthivel Nadar played a prominent role in establishing the first Hindu School in this area and because of their untiring effort the Hindu Mariamman Elementary School came into being in June, 1966. The interesting point to be noted here is that almost all the above mentioned luminaries except G. Kasi Viswanathan Nadar, were drop-outs from Elementary School. Thiru Selva Ganapathy Nadar had the honour of becoming the first Secretary of the School.

Since then this school has been growing slowly but steadily. It was upgraded into Higher Elementary School in 1969. Thiru Senthivel Nadar became the Secretary in 1976 and he continues to adorn the post till date. The School was upgraded into High School in 1987. since then the primary school and the high school started functioning as separate entities under the same management. As a High School it has to its credit spectacular academic results in the SSLC Public Examination every year. It has been producing 100% Success in almost all its outings since 1991.

Naturally the pressure started building up from the parents as well as the students to induct the Higher Secondary Classes. Since it required a Herculean effort to create a Corpus Fund, a prerequisite for bringing in Higher Secondary Classes, first a committee was formed under the leadership of Thiru K.S.Natarajan B.E and it was assigned the task of mobilizing the Fund. Because of his untiring efforts, the Income Tax Department sanctioned the Tax Exemption to the prospective Donors under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act. From then on with a little more effort the Funds started flowing in and Hindu Mariamman High School blossommed into a Higher Secondary School in July, 2011 and the +1 and +2 Sections are now functioning without Government Aid. The first batch is appearing for the Higher Secondary Public Examination this year – March, 2013. The Staff handling Higher Secondary sections, in spite of the meagre amount they receive as salary, are striving hard to achieve a handsome result in the very first outing. The students and the parents, on their part, are also extending good co-operation. Hard work and sincere effort always yield rich dividend and they never go waste.